Thursday, October 30, 2003

Fun Little Halloween Trick :-)

A few years ago there was a little known product as Gak. Gak was a polymer which came in several colors, it was gooey, it was slimy and kids went absolute ape-shit over it. The best part about Gak is that it is very easy to make.

Get the following household items:
-plastic bag
-several spoonfuls of cornstarch
-a couple spoonfuls of corn syrup
-an eye dropper
-water (not to much or it will be very slimy)
-food coloring (for color; I suggest green)

-Put the cornstarch in the plastic bag.
-Add the water, food coloring and corn syrup.
-Close the bag, and shake the bag well.
-Voila! Gak!!!!

Use less water for a thicker mix or add more for a slimier mix. Great at a trick to show kids. If you have any plastic skulls laying around, use red food coloring and just a little bit of water.... make a gooey gak brain! -----