Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain discovers telephone.

After snubbing Letterman's show in favor of "returning to D.C." to work on the emergency bail out (only to show up across the street for another interview), McCain made an incredible discovery today which allows long distance voice and data communication through a wire. These wires, which sprang up all over the nation over night, allow electronic signals to be carried from a variety of distances, even world wide. So, instead of returning to D.C. to perform whatever work one lone senator can do on such a massive problem, McCain has decided to do all his work by telephone. He could stay home, maybe watch a little of the daily soaps, perhaps check his email every few hours, you know, just in case he might be needed. Then later on he could watch a little Leno.

Think Progress

Privatize profits, Socialize losses

This whole idea of a bail out package for irresponsible private banks and mortgage companies flows against the very foundation of a free market economy. Home prices are over inflated, the market must adjust prices like it would do for any other product or service, laying out a 700 billion dollar trough for these corrupt and incompetent members of the mortgage industry will do nothing but keep home prices artificially inflated and will do nothing to fix the over all problems with the economy. I guarantee you, if this bail out passes, it will not be the last bail out and it certainly will not be the largest.