Saturday, September 30, 2006

House of Representatives passes "Iran Freedom Support Act."

H. R. 6198 - Iran Freedom Support Act

The stated purpose of this bill is "To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its threatening behavior and to support a transition to democracy in Iran."

The bill has been received by the Senate.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Handy Voting Guide for the American Voter

The following are individuals are up for election this fall and voted YES on HR 6166 or S 3930 - Military Commissions Act, which allows the President of the USA to hold 'terrorists', translated as 'anyone the president deems a dissident' indefinitely without counsel, allows for secret trials, 'pressure' (a.k.a. torture) and even secret execution.

"Human Rights First today denounced the Military Commissions Act of 2006, passed yesterday by the House and today by the Senate. By passing this law, Congress has set the United States at odds with the Constitution, the laws of war, and American values." Human Rights First

Merely by voting for this bill, these representatives have expressed their contempt for the laws of the US Constitution and all moral laws that guide mankind.

ArizonaJon KylRepublicanRunning
ConnecticutJoe LiebermanDemocratRunning
DelawareTom CarperDemocratRunning
FloridaBill NelsonDemocratRunning
IndianaDick LugarRepublicanRunning
MichiganDebbie StabenowDemocratRunning
MississippiTrent LottRepublicanRunning
MissouriJim TalentRepublicanRunning
MontanaConrad BurnsRepublicanRunning
NebraskaBen NelsonDemocratRunning
NevadaJohn EnsignRepublicanRunning
New JerseyRobert MenendezDemocratRunning
OhioMike DeWineRepublicanRunning
PennsylvaniaRick SantorumRepublicanRunning
TexasKay Bailey HutchisonRepublicanRunning
UtahOrrin HatchRepublicanRunning
VirginiaGeorge AllenRepublicanRunning
WyomingCraig ThomasRepublicanRunning
Alabama 1Jo BonnerRepublicanRunning
Alabama 2Terry EverettRepublicanRunning
Alabama 3Mike D. RogersRepublicanRunning
Alabama 4Robert AderholtRepublicanRunning
Alabama 5Robert CramerDemocratRunning
Alabama 6Spencer BachusRepublicanRunning
Alabama 7Artur DavisDemocratRunning
Alaska At LargeDon YoungRepublicanRunning
Arizona 1Rick RenziRepublicanRunning
Arizona 2Trent FranksRepublicanRunning
Arizona 3John ShadeggRepublicanRunning
Arizona 5J. D. HayworthRepublicanRunning
Arizona 6Jeff FlakeRepublicanRunning
Arizona 8Jim KolbeRepublicanRetiring
Arkansas 3John BoozmanRepublicanRunning
Arkansas 4Mike RossDemocratRunning
California 2Wally HergerRepublicanRunning
California 3Dan LungrenRepublicanRunning
California 4John DoolittleRepublicanRunning
California 11Richard PomboRepublicanRunning
California 21Devin NunesRepublicanRunning
California 22Bill ThomasRepublicanRetiring
California 24Elton GalleglyRepublicanRunning
California 25Howard McKeonRepublicanRunning
California 26David DreierRepublicanRunning
California 40Ed RoyceRepublicanRunning
California 41Jerry LewisRepublicanRunning
California 42Gary MillerRepublicanRunning
California 44Ken CalvertRepublicanRunning
California 45Mary BonoRepublicanRunning
California 46Dana RohrabacherRepublicanRunning
California 48John CampbellRepublicanRunning
California 49Darrell IssaRepublicanRunning
California 50Brian BilbrayRepublicanRunning
California 52Duncan HunterRepublicanRunning
Colorado 3John SalazarDemocratRunning
Colorado 4Marilyn MusgraveRepublicanRunning
Colorado 5Joel HefleyRepublicanRetiring
Colorado 6Tom TancredoRepublicanRunning
Colorado 7Bob BeauprezRepublicanRunning for Governor
Connecticut 2Rob SimmonsRepublicanRunning
Connecticut 4Chris ShaysRepublicanRunning
Connecticut 5Nancy JohnsonRepublicanRunning
Florida 1Jeff MillerRepublicanRunning
Florida 2Allen BoydDemocratRunning
Florida 4Ander CrenshawRepublicanRunning
Florida 5Ginny Brown-WaiteRepublicanRunning
Florida 6Cliff StearnsRepublicanRunning
Florida 7John MicaRepublicanRunning
Florida 9Michael BilirakisRepublicanRetiring
Florida 10Bill YoungRepublicanRunning
Florida 12Adam PutnamRepublicanRunning
Florida 13Katherine HarrisRepublicanRunning for US Senate
Florida 14Connie Mack IVRepublicanRunning
Florida 15Dave WeldonRepublicanRunning
Florida 16Mark FoleyRepublicanRunning
Florida 18Ileana Ros-LehtinenRepublicanRunning
Florida 21Lincoln Diaz-BalartRepublicanRunning
Florida 22Clay ShawRepublicanRunning
Florida 24Tom FeeneyRepublicanRunning
Florida 25Mario Diaz-BalartRepublicanRunning
Georgia 1Jack KingstonRepublicanRunning
Georgia 2Sanford BishopDemocratRunning
Georgia 3Lynn WestmorelandRepublicanRunning
Georgia 6Tom PriceRepublicanRunning
Georgia 7John LinderRepublicanRunning
Georgia 8Jim MarshallDemocratRunning
Georgia 9Nathan DealRepublicanRunning
Georgia 10Charlie NorwoodRepublicanRunning
Georgia 11Phil GingreyRepublicanRunning
Georgia 12John BarrowDemocratRunning
Georgia 13David ScottDemocratRunning
Idaho 1C. L. OtterRepublicanRunning for Governor
Idaho 2Mike SimpsonRepublicanRunning
Illinois 6Henry HydeRepublicanRetiring
Illinois 8Melissa BeanDemocratRunning
Illinois 10Mark KirkRepublicanRunning
Illinois 11Jerry WellerRepublicanRunning
Illinois 13Judy BiggertRepublicanRunning
Illinois 14Dennis HastertRepublicanRunning
Illinois 15Tim JohnsonRepublicanRunning
Illinois 16Donald A. ManzulloRepublicanRunning
Illinois 18Ray LaHoodRepublicanRunning
Illinois 19John ShimkusRepublicanRunning
Indiana 2Chris ChocolaRepublicanRunning
Indiana 3Mark SouderRepublicanRunning
Indiana 4Steve BuyerRepublicanRunning
Indiana 5Dan BurtonRepublicanRunning
Indiana 6Mike PenceRepublicanRunning
Indiana 8John HostettlerRepublicanRunning
Indiana 9Mike SodrelRepublicanRunning
Iowa 1Jim NussleRepublicanRunning for Governor
Iowa 3Leonard BoswellDemocratRunning
Iowa 4Tom LathamRepublicanRunning
Iowa 5Steve KingRepublicanRunning
Kansas 2Jim RyunRepublicanRunning
Kansas 3Dennis MooreDemocratRunning
Kansas 4Todd TiahrtRepublicanRunning
Kentucky 1Ed WhitfieldRepublicanRunning
Kentucky 2Ron LewisRepublicanRunning
Kentucky 3Anne NorthupRepublicanRunning
Kentucky 4Geoff DavisRepublicanRunning
Kentucky 5Hal RogersRepublicanRunning
Kentucky 6Ben ChandlerDemocratRunning
Louisiana 1Bobby JindalRepublicanRunning
Louisiana 3Charlie MelanconDemocratRunning
Louisiana 4Jim McCreryRepublicanRunning
Louisiana 5Rodney AlexanderRepublicanRunning
Louisiana 6Richard BakerRepublicanRunning
Louisiana 7Charles BoustanyRepublicanRunning
Maine 2Mike MichaudDemocratRunning
Michigan 2Pete HoekstraRepublicanRunning
Michigan 3Vern EhlersRepublicanRunning
Michigan 4Dave CampRepublicanRunning
Michigan 6Fred UptonRepublicanRunning
Michigan 7Joe SchwarzRepublicanDefeated in primary
Michigan 8Mike J. RogersRepublicanRunning
Michigan 9Joe KnollenbergRepublicanRunning
Michigan 10Candice MillerRepublicanRunning
Michigan 11Thad McCotterRepublicanRunning
Minnesota 1Gil GutknechtRepublicanRunning
Minnesota 2John KlineRepublicanRunning
Minnesota 3Jim RamstadRepublicanRunning
Minnesota 6Mark KennedyRepublicanRunning for Senate
Minnesota 7Collin PetersonDemocratRunning
Mississippi 1Roger WickerRepublicanRunning
Mississippi 3Chip PickeringRepublicanRunning
Mississippi 4Gene TaylorDemocratRunning
Missouri 2Todd AkinRepublicanRunning
Missouri 6Sam GravesRepublicanRunning
Missouri 7Roy BluntRepublicanRunning
Missouri 8Jo Ann EmersonRepublicanRunning
Missouri 9Kenny HulshofRepublicanRunning
Montana At LargeDenny RehbergRepublicanRunning
Nebraska 1Jeff FortenberryRepublicanRunning
Nebraska 2Lee TerryRepublicanRunning
Nebraska 3Tom OsborneRepublicanRetiring

(lost gubernatorial primary)

Nevada 2Jim GibbonsRepublicanRunning for Governor
Nevada 3Jon PorterRepublicanRunning
New Hampshire 1Jeb BradleyRepublicanRunning
New Hampshire 2Charlie BassRepublicanRunning
New Jersey 1Rob AndrewsDemocratRunning
New Jersey 2Frank LoBiondoRepublicanRunning
New Jersey 3Jim SaxtonRepublicanRunning
New Jersey 4Chris SmithRepublicanRunning
New Jersey 5E. Scott GarrettRepublicanRunning
New Jersey 7Mike FergusonRepublicanRunning
New Jersey 11Rodney FreylinghuysenRepublicanRunning
New Mexico 1Heather WilsonRepublicanRunning
New Mexico 2Steve PearceRepublicanRunning
New York 3Peter KingRepublicanRunning
New York 13Vito FossellaRepublicanRunning
New York 19Sue KellyRepublicanRunning
New York 20John SweeneyRepublicanRunning
New York 23John McHughRepublicanRunning
New York 24Sherwood BoehlertRepublicanRetiring
New York 25James T. WalshRepublicanRunning
New York 26Tom ReynoldsRepublicanRunning
New York 27Brian HigginsDemocratRunning
New York 29Randy KuhlRepublicanRunning
North Carolina 2Bob EtheridgeDemocratRunning
North Carolina 5Virginia FoxxRepublicanRunning
North Carolina 6Howard CobleRepublicanRunning
North Carolina 7Mike McIntyreDemocratRunning
North Carolina 8Robin HayesRepublicanRunning
North Carolina 9Sue MyrickRepublicanRunning
North Carolina 10Patrick McHenryRepublicanRunning
North Carolina 11Charles TaylorRepublicanRunning
North Dakota At LargeEarl PomeroyDemocratic-NPLRunning
Ohio 1Steve ChabotRepublicanRunning
Ohio 2Jean SchmidtRepublicanRunning
Ohio 3Michael R. TurnerRepublicanRunning
Ohio 4Michael G. OxleyRepublicanRetiring
Ohio 5Paul E. GillmorRepublicanRunning
Ohio 7David L. HobsonRepublicanRunning
Ohio 8John A. BoehnerRepublicanRunning
Ohio 12Patrick J. TiberiRepublicanRunning
Ohio 13Sherrod BrownDemocratRunning for Senate
Ohio 15Deborah D. PryceRepublicanRunning
Ohio 16Ralph S. RegulaRepublicanRunning
Oklahoma 1John SullivanRepublicanRunning
Oklahoma 2Dan BorenDemocratRunning
Oklahoma 3Frank LucasRepublicanRunning
Oklahoma 4Tom ColeRepublicanRunning
Oklahoma 5Ernest IstookRepublicanRunning for Governor
Oregon 2Greg WaldenRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 3Phil EnglishRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 4Melissa HartRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 5John E. PetersonRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 6Jim GerlachRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 7Curt WeldonRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 8Mike FitzpatrickRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 9Bill ShusterRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 10Don SherwoodRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 15Charles DentRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 16Joe PittsRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 17Tim HoldenDemocratRunning
Pennsylvania 18Tim MurphyRepublicanRunning
Pennsylvania 19Todd PlattsRepublicanRunning
South Carolina 1Henry E. Brown, Jr.RepublicanRunning
South Carolina 2Joe WilsonRepublicanRunning
South Carolina 3J. Gresham BarrettRepublicanRunning
South Carolina 4Bob InglisRepublicanRunning
South Carolina 5John SprattDemocratRunning
South Dakota At LargeStephanie HersethDemocratRunning
Tennessee 1Bill JenkinsRepublicanRetiring
Tennessee 2Jimmy Duncan Jr.RepublicanRunning
Tennessee 3Zach WampRepublicanRunning
Tennessee 4Lincoln DavisDemocratRunning
Tennessee 6Bart GordonDemocratRunning
Tennessee 7Marsha BlackburnRepublicanRunning
Tennessee 8John TannerDemocratRunning
Tennessee 9Harold Ford Jr.DemocratRunning for Senate
Texas 1Louie GohmertRepublicanRunning
Texas 2Ted PoeRepublicanRunning
Texas 3Sam JohnsonRepublicanRunning
Texas 4Ralph HallRepublicanRunning
Texas 5Jeb HensarlingRepublicanRunning
Texas 6Joe BartonRepublicanRunning
Texas 7John CulbersonRepublicanRunning
Texas 8Kevin BradyRepublicanRunning
Texas 10Michael McCaulRepublicanRunning
Texas 11Mike ConawayRepublicanRunning
Texas 12Kay GrangerRepublicanRunning
Texas 13Mac ThornberryRepublicanRunning
Texas 17Chet EdwardsDemocratRunning
Texas 19Randy NeugebauerRepublicanRunning
Texas 21Lamar S. SmithRepublicanRunning
Texas 23Henry BonillaRepublicanRunning
Texas 24Kenny MarchantRepublicanRunning
Texas 26Michael BurgessRepublicanRunning
Texas 28Henry CuellarDemocratRunning
Texas 31John CarterRepublicanRunning
Texas 32Pete SessionsRepublicanRunning
Utah 1Rob BishopRepublicanRunning
Utah 2Jim MathesonDemocratRunning
Utah 3Chris CannonRepublicanRunning
Virginia 1Jo Ann DavisRepublicanRunning
Virginia 2Thelma DrakeRepublicanRunning
Virginia 4Randy ForbesRepublicanRunning
Virginia 5Virgil GoodeRepublicanRunning
Virginia 6Bob GoodlatteRepublicanRunning
Virginia 7Eric CantorRepublicanRunning
Virginia 10Frank WolfRepublicanRunning
Washington 4Doc HastingsRepublicanRunning
Washington 5Cathy McMorrisRepublicanRunning
Washington 8Dave ReichertRepublicanRunning
West Virginia 2Shelley CapitoRepublicanRunning
Wisconsin 1Paul RyanRepublicanRunning
Wisconsin 5Jim SensenbrennerRepublicanRunning
Wisconsin 6Tom PetriRepublicanRunning
Wisconsin 8Mark GreenRepublicanRunning for Governor
Wyoming At LargeBarbara CubinRepublicanRunning

I tested my hearing, I can barely hear the 18.8khz signal.

The mosquito device was made for the likes of you. You are probably begging to make the noise stop!

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 18.8kHz
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terrorism Threat

"WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 — A stark assessment of terrorism trends by American intelligence agencies has found that the American invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept. 11 attacks."

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Friday, September 22, 2006

"Iraq torture 'worse after Saddam'"

"Torture may be worse now in Iraq than under former leader Saddam Hussein, the UN's chief anti-torture expert says.

Manfred Nowak said the situation in Iraq was "out of control", with abuses being committed by security forces, militia groups and anti-US insurgents.

Bodies found in the Baghdad morgue "often bear signs of severe torture", said the human rights office of the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq in a report."

Article: BBC News

U.S. threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/11: Musharraf

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan said that after the September 11 attacks the United States threatened to bomb his country if it did not cooperate with America's war campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Musharraf, in an interview with CBS news magazine show "60 Minutes" that will air Sunday, said the threat came from Assistant Secretary of State Richard Armitage and was given to Musharraf's intelligence director.

"The intelligence director told me that (Armitage) said, 'Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age,"' Musharraf said."

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shuttle Atlantis makes beautiful return to space.

NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis made a flawless entry into space this afternoon, launching at 11:15 AM EST and making final entry into orbit at 11:30 AM EST. No serious problems were detected and everything went as expected.

Shuttle Commander Brent Jett and his crew will install a seventeen ton segment of the ISS and will add additional solar panels and batteries. They are also scheduled to make three space walks and will remain in orbit for a planned eleven days.

This is the first time in nearly four years that a segment has been added to the ISS, and the first flight of the shuttle since it was grounded in 2002.

The crew of Atlantis consists of Commander Brent W. Jett Jr., Pilot Christopher J. Ferguson and Mission Specialists Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper, Joseph R. Tanner, Daniel C. Burbank and Steven G. MacLean, from the Canadian Space Agency.

As of February 2003, Space Shuttle Atlantis had flown 26 flights, spent 220.40-days in space, orbited the earth 3,468 times and flown 89,908,732 miles.

NASA Mission Page | Wikipedia Article on Atlantis

Thursday, September 07, 2006

9/11 Vendetta

Interesting slip of the tongue.

"And the United States Congress was right to renew the terrorist act -- the Patriot Act..." President Bush

Did anyone else catch that little segment of his speech? I think that one slip of the tongue says more about his domestic policy than anything he's said in the past. Could this possibly be his mind inserting what he really thinks and means?

You heard it right from the horse's mouth, the patriot act is a terrorist act. It causes political violence, it installs fear into the population when we should never be afraid of our government. It strips us of liberty and turns us into domestic serfs to be pushed around by our new feudal masters.

Transcript: Washington Post