Monday, May 24, 2004

Something truly amazing

Something truly amazing happened to me today. When i turned on my computer and started working on todays post, a message came up in the form of a windows application. The message said something along the line of "Hello, I am a piece of spyware which has detected myself, would you like to remove me?" I was suspicious, of course. I had just cleaned out my system the night before... and I was wary of any new software which installs on its own. I did a little research on google, and sure enough, this was spyware that admitted that it was spyware and offered to, effectively, commit suicide and delete itself. Amazing.... of course I told it to unistall, and I politely deleted all files associated with it. This is the only polite spyware that I have ever come across. The rest is complete garbage and their writers should be beaten with bamboo sticks wrapped in barbed wire.

My new digital camera will be arriving soon. Stay tuned.