Sunday, November 07, 2004

France Attacks Ivory Coast (For Diamonds?)

Looks like the French have been busy as of late. Accusing the US of colonialism is tough work, especially if you have been doing the same damn thing for centuries. The French have been increasingly active militarily in the Ivory Coast, recently attacking an Ivory Coast airbase.

Now, I would usually give France the benefit of the doubt (something they never did for the USA), but since the diamond trade is big in the Ivory Coast.... There can only be one OBVIOUS conclusion.

France is in the Ivory Coast purely for the diamonds. There can be no other explanation. Now, there is no evidence for this claim, but there was never any for the French claim that the US is in Iraq for oil. Its deliciously hypocritical how France bashes us for colonialism in the Middle East when they have been doing the same thing in the Ivory Coast.

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