Sunday, September 25, 2005

"Keyboard 'speaks' its typing secrets"

"NEW YORK: What you type on your computer keyboard may no longer remain a secret, thanks to a new software that can recreate the text by 'listening' to the sound of the keys."

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"Stealing the sound of your password"
"It may seem like the quiet click-clacking of computer keystrokes is nothing but background noise, but to a modern cyber-thief, the sound could translate into an array of stolen passwords.

Researchers at the University of California have now proved that, using a device as simple as a $10 microphone, software can learn to recognize the sound of keystrokes as they're typed, and reveal the characters with 96 percent accuracy."

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I am not surprised by this at all, in fact I have sorta been expecting this for some time. Forget keyloggers, spy cameras and spyware, its the good listeners that you need to fear. Fortunately us guys are terrible listeners, so that cuts the people you need to look out for in half. :-)