Sunday, September 25, 2005

"U.N. Agency Slaps Iran, but Gently"

"VIENNA - The United Nations atomic energy agency voted Saturday to condemn Iran's nuclear activities, but the divisive vote was less than a clear victory for the U.S. administration's effort to prevent Tehran from acquiring atomic weapons.

The agency found Iran in noncompliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and required that the country be reported to the U.N. Security Council at an unspecified date."

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I guess the UN sent them a really stern letter, or maybe a long phone call.

Sometimes what we see in the movies occurs in real life:

Kim Jong Il: Hans Brix? Oh no! Oh, herro. Great to see you again, Hans!
Hans Blix: Mr. Il, I was supposed to be allowed to inspect your palace today, but your guards won't let me enter certain areas.
Kim Jong Il: Hans, Hans, Hans! We've been frew this a dozen times. I don't have any weapons of mass destwuction, OK Hans?
Hans Blix: Then let me look around, so I can ease the UN's collective mind. I'm sorry, but the UN must be firm with you. Let me in, or else.
Kim Jong Il: Or else what?
Hans Blix: Or else we will be very angry with you... and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.
Kim Jong Il: OK, Hans. I'll show you. Stand to your reft.
Hans Blix: [Moves to the left]
Kim Jong Il: A rittle more.
Hans Blix: [Moves to the left again]
Kim Jong Il: Good.
[Opens up trap, Hans falls in]

*I know its about Kim Jong Il, but the similarities are to hard to ignore, plus both are on the "Axis of Evil"