Sunday, December 11, 2005

News Brief - December 11

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran opened the door Sunday for U.S. help in building a nuclear power plant — a move designed to ease American suspicions that Tehran is using its nuclear program as a cover to build atomic weapons.

The offer, which did not seem likely to win acceptance in Washington, was issued as
Israel said it had not ruled out a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Iran Offers U.S. Share in Nuclear Plants


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Sen. Eugene McCarthy, whose 1968 anti-Vietnam War presidential candidacy helped drive President Lyndon Johnson from office, died on Saturday in Washington, his son said.

Former Sen. Eugene McCarthy dies


NDTV Correspondent

Sunday, December 11, 2005 (London):

Three large explosions at one of Britain's largest oil depots jolted an area north of London early on Sunday.

The blasts which took place at the Buncefield Oil depot were an accident but there are fears that the situation is not totally under control and that there could be more explosions.

Explosions rock oil depot near London


NEW ORLEANS - Singer Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown was 81 and already seriously ill when he fled the area ahead of Hurricane Katrina, and associates think the stress of evacuating and the heartbreak of losing his home hastened his death.

Katrina's Official Death Toll Incomplete