Thursday, May 18, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Nobody Should Fear The DaVinci Code

  1. It's a work of fiction, a novel; it says 'A Novel' right on the cover.
  2. Even if the material was true, it would not change the premise of Jesus' message.
  3. Nobody can know for sure what happened 2000 years ago.
  4. The idea that Jesus had a wife is not completely inconceivable.
  5. There is no proof anywhere that Mary Magdalene was ever a prostitute.
  6. The premise of all arguments against the story line is the misconception that Mary was either a prostitute or unworthy of being a disciple of Jesus.
  7. Even if a holy bloodline did exist, there is no way to tell who belongs to it or if it continues to exist.
  8. What two adults did in their free time 2000 years ago is irrelevant and none of our business.
  9. This novel does not challenge the faith of any follower of Jesus. Even if the book were true, it would only further develop the human side of Jesus allowing us to attain a better perspective of him.
  10. By protesting the book so loudly, Christian groups are exposing how insecure they truly are.


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