Sunday, February 15, 2004

Damn Alien Clones

Valentine's day may be a day of love and candy for some people, but for
Patrick Hutchinson of Lexington, Kentucky, Valentine's day was Armageddon!
Hutchinson who told a reporter he was fighting "alien clones" during a 6
1/2-hour standoff at his home was arrested Saturday in the deaths of his
wife and a female firefighter.

Hutchinson surrendered after reports led emergency response personnel to
his home, a woman had been reported shot. A reporter, who had called
Hutchinson's number reported that Hutchinson made "doomsday proclamations,
calling the standoff "Armageddon" and rambling about the CIA and a

" "We're going against the evil alien clones," the Herald-Leader
reported Hutchinson as saying in its Saturday editions. "I started with my
wife." "

His wife was found dead from several gunshot wounds. He also faces
attempted murder and assault charges. He was being held at the Fayette
County jail.

Hutchinson's other victim, Brenda Cowan, was the first black woman to join
the Lexington Fire Department and was promoted to lieutenant one month prior.

Hutchinson fired on firefighters when they approached his house, according
to Police Chief Anthany Beatty, who was in contact with Hutchinson via

" "It was a very difficult negotiation," Capt. Barry Cecil said. "It went
up and down all night long." "

Police cut the power to Hutchinson's house, and shot chemical agents into
the building. Hutchinson was then apprehended.

Several other emergency personnel were injured, but are expected to make a
full recovery.

Wow, just wow.

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