Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Intelligent Design != Science

I am getting sick and tired of these overly religious folk trying to infest this nations public schools with a school of thought that has been proven not be true. Evolution is a enforced theory relating to the gradual change in organisms over a period of time, which allows for species to evolve into others. Intelligent Design is a psuedo-science that says a man in the sky snapped his fingers and created everything, not scientific by any means.

This is the scientific method:
1. Observe a strange and interesting aspect of the universe.
2. Develop a hypothesis which may explain this aspect.
4. Does the evidence support this claim? If so, you have a working theory, if not go back to step 2.

Creationists seem intent on skipping step 3 and replacing it with "Bitch, moan, cry and make wild accusations of discrimination" or "Explain in vague terms and immensely innaccurate ways that evolution doesnt work or cant work, even at the expense of logic and intelligent reasoning." Neither of these alternate methods enforce their "theory" in any way, but it makes them look like a victim, which they are not.

Here is a blog post I made way back about "intelligent design":

"My Thoughts on: Ohio Education.
I do not have a public education, (I have a private school education, I am not some backwater hick), I have never been to any public school, I do not know the meaning of prayerless moment of silence. I have never been to a school where the Pledge of Alliegence is not said every single morning. Yet I know, as everyone else with common sense, that creationism is not science.

Creationism is the belief that a higher being created everything (basically a god-squad belief). Now, as anyone should know, the most common scientific fact on the origin of life is that of evolution, the accepted origin of life. Evolution states, in laymans terms, that creatures change over time. When a creature has a trait which gives an advantage over another, the creature with the advantage has a better chance of survival, and thus a better chance to mate and pass the trait on. Makes sense, doesnt it? It happens everyday, maybe not in the human arena, Humans have tried to take themselves out of the evolution arena, we have done it well so far but we change none the less.

Those who would rather scrap scientific fact all together and go back to the days before the "Monkey Trial" are standing behind a farce called "Intelligent design" which states that life is too complex to be explained by a simple idea such as evolution. (These are probably the same people who believe the world began 30,000 years ago and that Adam and Eve were real).

They support their idea of "Intelligent Design" by crying over unfair treatment in the scientific community. They claim extensive, and successful testing, yet fail to provide proof or even results, hoping that they can just force their views. They refuse to test their theory using accepted facts and methods. Those supporting Intelligent Design just wish to bypass scientific testing and go straight into the textbooks. If they are scientists than I am a midget, and I am not.

If you live in Ohio, and the State Board of Education votes this jibber jabber into the curriculum, Vote their asses out onto the streets, I know I will.

Visit these sites and draw your own conclusions.
I rely on common sense.