Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hal Turner To Hold Rally In Kingston, New York

Hal Turner. a New York radio personality, is holding a rally in front of Kingston High School on Saturday, November 19. Turner organized this rally to protest the assault on Kingston student Robbie Hedrick, a white teenager, who was attacked outside Kingston High School by what he described as several black students. Hedrick has since required several reconstructive surgeries to fix the damage done to his face; the Kingston police have the perpetrators in custody but have not charged them with a hate crime, which Hedrick's mother believes this to be.

Turner organized the rally in order to bring attention to black on white crime rates, and to call for a end to all violence in America's schools. Opponents to the Hal Turner allege that Turner has ulterior motives in this rally, Turner refutes these claims noting that he just wishes for an end to all violence in schools. Noted opponents include D. L. Jenkins, a representative of the One Peoples Project, a group that was allegedly involved in the riots that broke out in Toledo about a month ago. The community of Kingston has given mixed reactions to the rally, providing support for both groups, those for the rally and those against.