Monday, November 21, 2005

US Postal Rates To Increase

The United States Postal Service announced plans to increase postage rates for the year of 2006. The first class postage stamp will increase from 37 cents to 39 cents. This increase will be used to pay for a 3.1 billion dollar escrow account that Congress requires the USPS create. What is the $3.1 billion for? Nobody knows, not even Congress. The money is to be used by Congress at a later date, pretty much for whatever they want.

From the horse's mouth:

Selected Rate Changes

First-Class Letter (1 oz.)$0.37$0.39
First-Class Letter (2 oz.)$0.60$0.63
Priority Mail (1 lb.)$3.85$4.05
Express Mail (1/2 lb)$13.65$14.40
Express Mail (2 lb)$17.85$18.80

Fee and Service Changes

Certified Mail$2.30$2.40
Delivery Confirmation (Priority)$0.45$0.50
Delivery Confirmation (First Class Parcels)$0.55$0.60
Return Receipt (Original Signature)$1.75$1.85
Return Receipt (Electronic)$1.30 $1.35
Money Orders (up to $500)$0.90$0.95

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