Monday, January 16, 2006

Aspartame causes cancer, other ailments!!!

That's right, the artificial sweetener, that is placed in all those sodas and drinks that claim to be "healthy", aspartame causes a laundry list of medical problems and conditions that can cause blindness, breathing problems, even death.

The FDA claims that the food additive is thoroughly tested, but many of those tests are funded entirely by chemical companies who wish to make a buck, even if it means a few hundred, even a few thousand deaths.

Want an idea of the possible problems that can be caused by aspartame? Check out the Wikipedia entry!

Aspartame has been connected to stomach pain, anxiety, chest pains, burning eyes, throat, burning urination, impotency, hives, hearing loss, sight loss, migraines, suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure, arthritis, rashes, seizures, brain cancer, lymphoma, vomiting and even parkinson's disease!

Every time you sip a diet coke, you are leading yourself to your grave.