Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shut up about Mel Gibson.

I could give a rats ass about what he said and about whom he said it. The media frenzy over one mans anti-jew remarks is absolutely stupid.

First off the media is blowing this Mel Gibson thing way out of proportion, he was DRUNK! Mel Gibson has a known history of alcoholism, and we should be thankful he was pulled over and is entering rehab, but does that matter to the media? Oh no, he made somebody cry, boohoo... get over it.

The media shows the Israelis killing hundreds of civilians on live television, rockets and bombs hitting UN buildings and Red Cross trucks and we hear nothing but the sounds of crickets.

But one man makes an anti-jewish remark while drunk and suddenly the media has a fire lit under their ass and hammers and nails ready so they can crucify him on the wall of political correctness.